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Proactive Threat Hunting: 2 Tips to Push the Hunt to the Perimeter

Mar 21, 2017

Category: Threats, Packetviper, Threat Hunting

Today’s threats demand more easy, proactive ways to identify, detect and respond to sophisticated attacks. Traditional security measures such as firewalls, IDS, endpoint protection, & SIEMs are each important, but each is only a piece of the network security puzzle.

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What can Advanced Ip Filtering Improve for You.

Cybersecurity is really just a numbers game—and the numbers are stacked in favor of the cybercriminals. Every day, the average company is subjected to hundreds, even thousands of attempts to penetrate their security system. Your security team doesn’t have the time or the resources to deal with each one individually. You have your firewall to protect you, but attackers can find ways around it, ...

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