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Is Your IoT Cyber Defense Plan Really a Plan To Fail?

Mar 6, 2017

Category: DDoS, Defense, Bots, Firewall, IoT, malware, mirai, Cyber Attacks, Krebs

Much concern and effort today revolves around protecting networks from the the awesome power of a large scale DDoS attack like Mirai.  While the spreading of bots can be done in many forms, a good majority are spread by a simple scan to a network range, a response, then a password attempt. This is true for WAN’s and LAN’s and gets to the core of the effectiveness of Mirai.  Mirai was so simple ...

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Most Dangerous Malware Threats

Feb 2, 2017

Category: Cybersecurity, Threats, Virus, malware

If , you’re connected to the Internet all day. This is why it's crucial to protect and secure your devices and data from malicious software. Malware is a wide range of software applications created with a malicious intent. Unlike legitimate software, malware is installed on your computer without your consent. Malware can be introduced to your computer in a variety of ways such as a virus, worm, ...

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Security Zen and How to Achieve it

Feb 1, 2017

Category: Cybersecurity, malware

Computer technology extends to almost every area of society and social sphere. Our pre-Internet way of life is now consigned to the history books – no one born after the early 1990s has experienced a world without the Internet.

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"Google Malware" is putting Millions at Risk

Jan 31, 2017

Category: google, malware

A new type Malware is putting Google Chrome users at risk . The Virus coaxes users into downloading malware camouflaged as a fix for corrupted fonts, according to a recent report.

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Top 6 Cyber-Security Predictions for 2017

Jan 27, 2017

Category: cybersecurty, malware, Predictions, 2017

What will happen in 2017? Whether you prefer to call them cybersecurity forecasts, online risk trends or security predictions, the answers are similar. Here’s a roundup of what we here at PacketViper are saying about the year ahead — and what you can do to prepare.

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