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Is Your IoT Cyber Defense Plan Really a Plan To Fail?

Mar 6, 2017

Category: DDoS, Defense, Bots, Firewall, IoT, malware, mirai, Cyber Attacks, Krebs

Much concern and effort today revolves around protecting networks from the the awesome power of a large scale DDoS attack like Mirai.  While the spreading of bots can be done in many forms, a good majority are spread by a simple scan to a network range, a response, then a password attempt. This is true for WAN’s and LAN’s and gets to the core of the effectiveness of Mirai.  Mirai was so simple ...

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PacketViper Warns Popular DVR Surveillance Systems Still Spreading Mirai

  Mirai Back Story

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IoT Devices and Their impact on 2017

2016 was the know only as the "Year of the Hacker". Cybersecurity is no longer a side priority. As cyber terrorists continue to perform DDoS Attacks and hold companies for hostage via Ransomware we're left wondering "How exactly did they breach our systems". Many would say the "Internet of Things" the "Internet of Things". What is it exactly? Well... the "Internet of Things" are everyday ...

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