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Connection-based DDoS is less Impactful with a Advanced Ip Layer

Jan 26, 2016

Category: Geo-IP Layer, Cybersecurity

There are a number of different types of cyber-attacks that can cripple your network if you’re not careful. For instance, a Denial of Service (DoS) attack floods the network with more traffic than it can handle, in order to bring it down. Even more harmful is a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. After gaining access to one network, the attacker then uses it to bombard another network ...

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Education: Don't Fail to Layer Network Security With Geo-IP

Jan 11, 2016

Category: Geo-IP Layer, Education

dWhat kind of organizations are among the most at risk for cyberattacks? Banks and financial institutions? Software developers and tech firms? Perhaps, but one of the biggest victims is one you might not think about: schools and educational institutions. You might not realize it, but schools are a prime target for network security breaches, and cybersecurity for education is of utmost importance. ...

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Network Security Is Weaker Without a Advanced-Ip Layer

Nov 24, 2015

Category: Geo-IP Layer

What’s the purpose of firewall? It inspects, blocks, alerts, and logs everything that tries to get to the system it protects. Cybercriminals try every day to break through corporate firewalls, in order to infect the company with malware or Trojans that can confiscate company IP and lead the perpetrator to sensitive company data. If it can happen to companies like Sony, Target, and Ashley Madison, ...

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