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It's Time to Cut Costs on Network Security Equipment

Jan 4, 2016

Category: Geo-IP Filtering, Usage Costs/Value, Budget

The last major innovation in firewall protection was from (what was then) a small company called Palo Alto, around 10 years ago. Cybersecurity hasn’t changed much since then. Cyberattacks, however, are becoming more relentless and more sophisticated. How can you keep them at bay, without breaking the bank on network security? Advanced-IP filtering can keep your network safe, while greatly saving ...

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How Advanced Ip  Filtering Could Prevent the Next CCTV Breach

Nov 5, 2015

Category: Geo-IP Filtering

Last week, news broke of a recent DDOS attack using IPs belonging to CCTV cameras. The story, which originated on the Incapsula blog, describes a botnet including approximately 900 CCTV cameras - some of which were located nearby the Incapsula offices.  

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