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Overcoming the #1 Challenge in Security Operations

The Problem:

The overwhelming volume of global IP traffic hitting networks today creates a crushing amount of security alerts.  Too frequently, many of these alerts go unchecked while the quantity of alerts increases daily.  Additionally, security analyst teams are frequently understaffed and resources/expertise are scarce across the industry.  This presents one of the biggest challenges for security operations teams. 

Two recent studies predict no end in sight unless proactive, innovative changes are made:

  • ESG’s 2017 research report on security operations challenges identify the volume of alerts and logs and the #1 challenge in security operations.
  • CISCO’s 2017 report ‘The Zettabyte Era’ predicts that that global IP traffic volume will continue to rise at staggering rates.

Traffic and alert trends 081817.pptx.gif

The Solution:

PacketViper can help you achieve your alert review goals with the team you have.  By reducing illegitimate global IP traffic volumes at the network edge, all downstream operations become more efficient.  Reducing global IP traffic volumes with PacketViper is one of the most impactful and proactive moves that network security managers can make.  PacketViper is extremely cost-effective and provides a strong ROI, especially against the alternative of adding FTE resources.

PacketViper benefits include:

  • Reducing traffic, alerts and logs up to 70%
  • Making security operations more efficient and able to review a higher % of alerts
  • Improving the effectiveness of firewall and SIEM solutions
  • Reducing SIEM related consumption fees
  • PacketViper’s advanced perimeter defense software reduces traffic, alerts and logs up to 70%. This makes security operations teams more efficient and reduces costs on popular SIEM solutions.

PacketViper will help you reduce global IP traffic up to 70% and review more alerts with the team you have.

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For a limited time, you can try PacketViper risk-free.  Please contact us for more information at or visit our website for more information at

Yours in security,

Ken Wolf

Category: Network Security

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